Rising rates are generally negative for fixed-income investments. Laddered bond portfolios can overcome this challenge by allowing investors to take advantage of rising interest rates by reinvesting proceeds from maturing bonds at higher rates. The result can be positive income and total return even in rapidly rising rate environments.

Our Laddered Investing Interest Rate Scenario Tool provides customizable fields for initial investment, ladder range, credit quality, interest rate change and time period. The purpose of the tool is to help investors understand how laddered bond portfolios perform in rising interest rate environments.

If you are an investment professional and would like more information on laddered portfolios, contact your Eaton Vance wholesaler. If you are an individual investor and are interested in laddered portfolios, contact your financial advisor.

The information presented in the scenario tool is for hypothetical and illustrative purposes only. The scenario tool does not reflect the performance of any specific Eaton Vance product. Results may not represent the experience of individual investors, and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. The use of tools cannot guarantee performance. Any references to future returns should not be construed as an estimate of the results a client portfolio may achieve.

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