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Atlanta Capital Select Equity Fund  
Dividend Builder Fund  
Global Income Builder Fund  
Global Income Builder NextShares  
EQUITY/HYBRID FUNDS - Global/International Equity
Emerging and Frontier Countries Equity Fund  
Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy Fund  
Multi-Strategy All Market Fund  
Richard Bernstein All Asset Strategy Fund  
EQUITY/HYBRID FUNDS - Tax-Managed Equity
Tax-Managed Equity Asset Allocation Fund  
Tax-Managed Global Dividend Income Fund  
Tax-Managed Global Small-Cap Fund  
Tax-Managed Growth Fund 1.2  
Tax-Managed Multi-Cap Growth Fund  
Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund  
Tax-Managed Value Fund  
INCOME FUNDS - Taxable Income
1-to-10 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Fund  
Core Bond Fund  
Core Plus Bond Fund  
Emerging Markets Local Income Fund  
Floating-Rate & High Income Fund  
Floating-Rate Advantage Fund  
Floating-Rate Fund  
Government Obligations Fund  
High Income Opportunities Fund  
Income Fund of Boston  
Multisector Income Fund  
Short Duration Government Income Fund  
Short Duration High Income Fund  
Short Duration Real Return Fund  
Short Duration Strategic Income Fund  
INCOME FUNDS - Tax Advantaged/Municipal Income - National
AMT-Free Municipal Income Fund  
Floating-Rate Municipal Income Fund  
High Yield Municipal Income Fund  
Municipal Opportunities Fund  
National Limited Maturity Municipal Income Fund  
National Municipal Income Fund  
Short Duration Municipal Opportunities Fund  
TABS 1-to-10 Year Laddered Municipal Bond Fund  
TABS 10-to-20 Year Laddered Municipal Bond Fund  
TABS 5-to-15 Year Laddered Municipal Bond Fund  
TABS 5-to-15 Year Laddered Municipal Bond NextShares  
TABS Intermediate-Term Municipal Bond Fund  
TABS Short-Term Municipal Bond Fund  
INCOME FUNDS - Municipal Income - State
Arizona Municipal Income Fund  
California Municipal Opportunities Fund  
Connecticut Municipal Income Fund  
Georgia Municipal Income Fund  
Maryland Municipal Income Fund  
Massachusetts Municipal Income Fund  
Minnesota Municipal Income Fund  
Missouri Municipal Income Fund  
New Jersey Municipal Income Fund  
New York Municipal Income Fund  
New York Municipal Opportunities Fund  
North Carolina Municipal Income Fund  
Ohio Municipal Income Fund  
Oregon Municipal Income Fund  
Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund  
South Carolina Municipal Income Fund  
Virginia Municipal Income Fund  
Global Macro Absolute Return Advantage Fund  
Global Macro Absolute Return Fund  
Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund  
ALTERNATIVE FUNDS - Other Alternatives
Diversified Currency Income Fund  
Hedged Stock Fund  
Parametric Dividend Income Fund  
ALTERNATIVE FUNDS - Global/International Equity
Parametric Emerging Markets Core Fund  
Parametric Emerging Markets Fund  
Parametric International Equity Fund  
ALTERNATIVE FUNDS - Tax-Managed Equity
Parametric Tax-Managed Emerging Markets Fund  
Parametric Tax-Managed International Equity Fund  
ALTERNATIVE FUNDS - Other Alternatives
Parametric Commodity Strategy Fund  

Separately Managed Accounts